International work in Kempele Upper Secondary School

Kempele Upper Secondary School was founded in 1976, and from very early on it has been a UNESCO School. We encourage our students to take global responsibility, and our school motto is “culture and education through understanding”.

Since 2003 we have regularly organized International Weeks, an annual series of related events and activities under a different topic each year, with the aim of raising global awareness. The topics we have dealt with in the course of years range from global issues such as child labour, water, football and money to different culture areas. The chosen topic is approached from different angles, and many of our guest speakers are leading specialists in their fields. In addition to lectures and presentations, our International Weeks also feature hands-on workshops for all the students every year.

The events and activities of the International Weeks, which are held around October and November, are attended by all our students and staff members. During the autumn term students and staff join forces to raise money for charity with the help of a pop-up café, jumble sale and bottle collection campaign, for example. The money raised is donated to a charity that is related to the topic of that year.

Kempele Upper Secondary School sponsors The Mafinga Children's Home in southern Tanzania. The students' union and staff take turns paying the sponsorship fee. Mafinga is a facility for orphaned children, which offers an opportunity for a relative or family member to live with the child and learn childcare and other useful skills needed in looking after the child after the death of the parents.

Please feel free to contact our school. We are happy to answer your questions. Maybe we can carry out a project or organize an event together with your school.

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