Emergency social services

During office hours 8 am - 4 pm, the contact number for urgent matters and emergency situations: +358 44 497 2273.
Outside office hours, please use the general emergency contact number 112.

The emergency social services provide help first and foremost in urgent child protection issues and in acute crisis situations having to do with families with children.
The emergency social services also provides help to adults with various social problems. You can contact the emergency social services, e.g., in the following matters: 

  • You need help urgently after office hours.
  • A child's parents are intoxicated.
  • A child's parent is experiencing severe mental problems that endanger the well-being of the child.
  • A child has been left alone.
  • There is a reason to believe that a child is being physically or sexually abused.
  • There is violence in the family.
  • A child is drinking alcohol or taking drugs.
  • You are seriously worried about someone's well-being.