Youth services

What kind of youth services are available in Kempele

Kempele offers goal-oriented youth services as a part of its basic services. The focus is on providing versatile and preventive activities for children and young people that adapts to and takes into account everyone's personal needs. This principle also involves paying responsive attention to the opinions and views of children and young people. The Finnish youth employment programme called Nuorisotakuu ("Youth Guarantee") has been implemented by means of social empowerment through Outreach youth work,targeted youth work and youth workshop activities.

Compact group activities and participatory methods applied with children and youth are considered important in the work.

 Components of Kempele youth services
* educative guidance of young people
* creating the facilities and prerequisites for youth activities
* information services and guidance
* supporting youth associations
* sports and cultural events and activities
* environmental education
* youth workshops



Contact information

Youth services contact information

Manager of youth services
Sanna Tauriainen
tel. +358 50 307 8981


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