Cultural attractions and other points of interest

Get acquainted with the cultural landscape of Kempele on bicycle!

Take a bicycle tour of Kempele for a refreshing and versatile view of the municipality. A bicycle will take you to places that you would not see from the roads. Cycling allows you to enjoy getting to know Kempele through all your senses. You will, for example, be able to hear birds singing, sense the smell of plants and the wind on your face. Here you will find a selection of seven different routes - just pick the one that suits you best. The routes have been planned and test-ridden by Satu Ekmark, a cycling enthusiast herself, too.

A tour in rural landscape, map,  14,5 km

Woods and hills in Juurussuo, map,  24,5 km

The best bits, map,  5 km

Fast route to Vihiluoto, map, 12 km

Old and new East of the railway, map,  14,5 km

Among old houses in western Kempele, map,  11 km

Tour to Vihiluoto via Teppola, map,  11,5 km



A more detailed introduction to the Churches of Kempele can be found on the page Churches in Kempele.

Photo: Tauno Kohonen


Kempele museum

More detailed information is available on the page of Kempele museum.

Photo: Raimo Karhu






  • Recreation center Zemppi (hotel, bowling, gym, event Arena, restaurants etc.)
  • Leo's leikkimaa is indoor playground for kids 

Swimming and beaches


Winter activities

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