Sports facilities

Kempeleen urheilukeskus in Sarkkiranta offers excellent indoor and outdoor facilities for sports including different ball games and ice-hockey. The Köykkyri outdoor recreation area offers, e.g., a network of trails for trekking and sports activities both in summer and in winter. An 18-hole disc golf park can also be found in Köykkyri. Zimmari, the recreational swimming pool, offers different pools for a variety of water sports and rehabilitation. The beaches in and around Kempele offer a refreshing environment during hot summer days. Winter swimming facilities are available at Ouluntulli.

Contact information

Sports secretary:
Katja Vähäkuopus
tel. +358 50 316 3804

Adaptive sports co-ordinator:
Juha Vuoti
tel. +358 40 570 4711

Sports facilities manager:
Heino Peteri
tel. +358 50 463 6514

Swimming hall manager:                                                                                                                                                Tarja Koivisto
tel. +358 50 463 6493