Kempele offers versatile sports facilities and opportunities to its residents. These are provided and arranged at the Zimmari recreational swimming pool, the Adult education centre, municipal sports services and municipal youth services. In addition, there are a number of sports associations and companies that operate actively in Kempele organising various sports events and services.

The municipal sports secretary is responsible for co-ordinating sports services in Kempele. The special groups’ sports co-ordinator is responsible for the delivery of adaptive sports services. The maintenance of outdoor sports facilities, under the guidance of the sports facilities manager, is part of the services offered by the municipal environmental services. The swimming hall facilities and services fall within the responsibilities of the swimming hall manager.

Contact information

Sports secretary:
Katja Vähäkuopus
tel. +358 50 316 3804

Adaptive sports co-ordinator:
Juha Vuoti
tel. +358 40 570 4711

Sports facilities manager:
Heino Peteri
tel. +358 50 463 6514

Swimming hall manager:                                                                                                                                                Tarja Koivisto
tel. +358 50 463 6493