Music and arts education

Oulunsalo arts school

A total of 11 student places for basic education in music at Oulunsalo arts school have been acquired by Kempele municipality for its residents. The arts school offers teaching in following instruments: flute, clarinet, trumpet, French horn, violin, cello, contrabass and piano.

Contact information:

Arto Hekkanen tel. +358 50 388 6985, e-mail: arto.hekkanen[at]

Paula Suorsa tel. +358 50 410 3554, e-mail: paula.suorsa[at]

Oulu Conservatory

Children and young people living in Kempele can also study music at Oulu Conservatory. Applications can be submitted in spring every year.

Aiolos Chamber Choir

Kamarikuoro Aioloksen on Kempeleessä toimiva virkeä ja nuorekas kuoro.

Contact information: Satu Korpi, e-mail: satu.pienihakkinen(at)


Kempele-seura Homestead association

Founded in 1997. The activities include registering homestead knowledge and information, Kempele-viiri, local newspaper, cultural events and topical evening gatherings.

Additional information:

Chairman Reino Laitinen
tel. +358 50 523 7118

Secretary Pentti Pylvänäinen
tel. +358 400 682 793

Contact information

Library manager/Cultural services
Anne Toppari tel. +358 50 463 6457

Museum attendant
tel. +358 44 497 2301