Municipality and local government

Kempele, with its 18,000 inhabitants, is a rapidly developing municipality in Oulu region. The vision of the municipality has been crystallized in the slogan "Rohkea edelläkävijä - turvallinen kasvukunta", denoting "Bold Forerunner – Safe Municipality". Kempele is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Finland. Population growth will bring more vitality and activity to the municipality, while it also presents a challenge for the implementation of municipal services. A further challenge is posed by the annual population turnover of 8 to 9 percent.

The slogan of Kempele municipality is "Hyvä kasvaa Kempeleessä" which means both "Wellness Grows in Kempele" and "It's Good to Grow in Kempele". A specific characteristic of Kempele can be seen in the age breakdown of its population, which shows a bias towards the younger age groups. Almost 50 percent of all the inhabitants are under 30. A lot of young families with small children are moving to Kempele, and the local birth rate is relatively high. These families require competent daycare and education services, in particular, which is why a special focus has been laid on the improvement and development of these services. On the other hand, the number of elderly people is also growing at an exceptional rate in Kempele. The level of education of Kempele inhabitants is among the highest in all Finland.

The basic municipal services have been well taken care of. The health centre close to the centre of Kempele, together with the daycare centres and schools spread evenly over the different residential areas, provide for an easy and safe access to all basic services. The vocational college in Kempele is a beneficial addition to the statutory basic municipal services. Located just south of the city of Oulu, Kempele can be seen as a satellite town that will also continue to grow also in the future. Common welfare is the main goal in the development of the municipality. Kempele is a municipality with versatile opportunities, good services and an international outlook, which will allow wellness to grow in life, at home and at work alike.

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Kempele Agreement

Kempele Agreement is a general municipal strategy for steering the activities and operations of the municipality.

Among the spearhead targets in the strategy, you will find the following:

  • Sustainable Growth
  • Wellbeing and Activity
  • Supporting Growth and Learning
  • Stable and Serving


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