Town plans

A town plan is a detailed plan of the development of an area (Land Use and Building Act, ch. 7).

Town plans are prepared by Kempele municipality and approved by the municipal council. The town plan provides the framework for the construction of buildings, streets and public areas and thus determines the character of the local living environment. The city plan determines the areas for various purposes, defines possible areas and buildings to protected, and the location, size and purpose of the constructions to be built in the area. The town plan is composed of a town planning map and a town planning specification. In addition, a specific building code may be prepared to guide the planning and execution of building and construction projects.

In Kempele, the majority of town plans are prepared by the municipal environmental services of Kempele. An exception may be made in the case of urgent planning projects within the municipal planning area that are initiated by a non-municipal developer. Part of the basic surveys and reports (regarding e.g. traffic, nature, landscape) required for town planning are submitted to external consultant companies. The municipal environmental services also maintain a real-time town plan, which is kept up-to-date as regards all approved new component town plans and any changes made to the plot subdivision.