Woods and forests

Kempele municipality owns both production forests and residential area forests. Two nature trails have been set up in these forests, one in Honkanen and one in Letto. In addition, there is a short nature trail next to the schools of Ketolanperä and Linnakangas. Campfire places have been set up in Sarkkiranta, Linnakangas, Honkanen, Ketolanperä and on the Marjakammi trekking route. Lappish teepees/lean-to shelters have also been set up for public use at the Vihiluoto beach and at the Juurussuo village community house. Please take along your own firewood for making a fire, and be sure to take all
rubbish and packing material back home in order to keep the environment tidy. It is recommended for everyone using public parks and forests to get acquainted with and adhere to the responsibilities linked with the right of public access.

Contact information

Municipality gardener
Sari Palo
tel. +358 44 497 2512

Municipal engineering manager
Paula Taskila
tel. +358 50 316 9669