Building supervision

The task of municipal building supervision is to further, guide and monitor building activities in Kempele in order to guarantee a high quality of constructions and to create and maintain a comfortable residential environment. Building supervision services are available to all Kempele inhabitants and the operation has also been designed to consider the principles of public interest.

The tasks of building supervision are to monitor the execution of the land use plan and the adherence to building regulations, to handle and make resolutions concerning applications for building permissions and other projects, to give advance information and guidance related to building projects and to monitor the execution of these projects.

Building supervision services also give out information for project planning purposes about buildings and constructions built on properties.

Advance guidance for building projects

Co-operation with building supervision services is essential from the planning phase on. In order to be able to optimally serve the builders of detached houses, the building supervision service offers a possibility for preliminary consultations.

The experts of building supervision offer guidance and advice for the planning of detached houses. As soon as the preliminary plans have been made for a detached or semi-detached house to be built in the municipality plan zone, it will be advisable to make an appointment for a preliminary consultation session. The purpose of preliminary consultation is to make sure that the project adheres to the land use plan, as well as to guarantee that the planned construction fits the site and the immediate environment, and also to give guidance on finding energy-efficient planning solutions.

Accessing building supervision services

Applications for planning permissions and related documents can be submitted / retrieved at the building supervision services during normal office hours.

Services for builders

- assessing the suitability of a plot for building purposes
- regulations of landuse plan, permitted building volume
- ownership information of plots
- map documents for planning permissions
- extracts from real estate register
- land register certificates
- abstracts of mortgages register

- marking of building location
- boundary marking
- building planning guidance and preliminary consultation
- building project kick-off meetings
- building project inspections

Cartographic material

- extracts of local plans in pdf format, base maps, official site plan documents, extracts from aerial maps
- cartographic material for designers in dwg format

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Contact information

Street address:
Asemantie 1, 90440 Kempele
Mail address: PL 12,  FI-90441 Kempele
E-mail: rakennusvalvonta(at)

Building inspector
 Hannu Paasovaara 
tel. +358 50 463 6520

Building inspector
Hannu Hanhela
tel. +358 44 497 2271

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