Right-of-residence apartments

Right of residence is a form of occupancy that places itself between ownership residence and rental residence. In order to enter the waiting list for a right-of-residence apartment, you will have to register as an applicant for a right-of-residence apartment at Kempele municipality. Upon registration, each applicant will receive a sequence number. After this, you will have to register with the owner/company offering right of residence flats. The flats that become available will be assigned to applicants according to the sequence number. The size of the flat to be applied for can be freely selected.

For the initial payment for a right-of-residence apartment, the resident shall pay a sum amounting to 15 percent of the total sales price of the flat. This payment guarantees a permanent right for residence. The initial right-of-residence payment will amount to EUR 10,000 to 25,000, depending on the flat. During the rental time, the resident pays a monthly maintenance charge. In case the resident wishes to transfer the right of residence to another party, the initial right-of-residence payment will be repaid to the resident, and the repayment will be adjusted according to the building cost index. A total ownership of a right-of-residence flat cannot be purchased.

To enter the waiting list for right-of-residence apartments, you are asked to submit your application at Kempele municipality at Asemantie 1, PL 12, FI-90441 Kempele, e-mail: kirjaamo(at)kempele.fi.

Right-of-residence apartments are offered by the following company:

AVAIN Asumisoikeus Oy  https://www.ovenia.fi/en/apartments



Contact information

Accommodation secretary Marjo Törmänen

Visit hours during even weeks

tel. +358 44 497 2313


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