Plots for sale, continuous offers

The municipality of Kempele makes about 40 plots available for one-family houses every year. The plots for sale are published during October-November. In the Marketplace for plots, you will find an updated list of the plots that are currently available for application.

At present, plots for one-family homes are available in Linnakangas and Metsärinne and those for semi-detached houses in Metsärinne. A number of these plots are located right next to park areas or forest parks. Some of the available plots allow construction work to be commenced without delay.

The prices on the plots for sale:

Linnakangas 37 - 40 € / m²
Metsärinne 35 - 39 € / m²

In Metsärinne and in Linnakangas, there are also some plots available for terraced houses (AR).


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