Building sites and housing

Building plots for single-family houses are offered for sale by Kempele municipality in Linnakangas area. Sites for single-family and semi-detached houses are available in the Metsärinne area.

A number of these plots are located right next to park areas or forest parks.

The currently available building plots can be found in the Marketplace for plots.

A wide range of reasonably priced housing options with different occupancy arrangements are available in Kempele. Whether you are looking for a new home, an option for your current house or apartment, or one to repair or renovate, you will most probably find a suitable one in Kempele.

With its close-to-nature housing options, ranging from one-family houses in and around Kempele to blocks of flats at the town centre, our municipality is proud to be able to offer a desirable living environment with easily accessible, versatile and comprehensive services.

Wellness Grows in Kempele!