Kempele marketplace

The marketplace is located at Kauppatie 8 at Kempele centre. Commercial activities can be carried out at the marketplace on workdays from 7 am till 18 pm.

There are six sales places available at the marketplace which have been numbered 1 to 6. Parking of mobile shops and market trade using a sales vehicle is only allowed at places 2 and 3. The maximum size of a mobile shop is 5.6 x 2 m. Market trade on private property is only allowed with permission from the property owner (e.g. housing association).

Reservations for the marketplace sales places shall be made no later than 7 days prior to the desired market day. The holder of a sales place has no right to assign it to a third party.

The assignment of one-month sales places shall be made in advance by the responsible official for each month separately. These reservations are announced on marketplace notice boards and on municipality web pages. 

The reservation of sales places is free of charge.

Reservation for the marketplace

Municipality gardener Sari Palo
tel. +358 44 497 2512