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When selecting a business site for logistics business, good traffic connections are a key factor. Transport Savikko Yhtiöt moved to Kempele a couple of years ago. Erkki Savikko, company CEO, is highly satisfied with the current business site:

"Our location right by the motorway is just excellent! With a good visibility from the motorway, the company premises are an advertisement in themselves."

The location of Transport Savikko by the motorway enables fluent connections in all directions. In addition to domestic transports, the logistics company also operates in other Scandinavian countries, Russia and in the Baltic states. The northern location of Savikko is an advantage in view of deliveries to northern Sweden and Norway, allowing the transportation to be made by road.

According to Mr Savikko, the reliability of the non-regular transport and cargo operations amounts to 98.9 per cent. Non-regular transport denotes that the Savikko staff will be aware of the transport schedule for tomorrow, but the day after has not been fixed yet. Although the logistics business is susceptible to fluctuations and changes, real-time localising and tracking systems help to smooth out the continuous changes. State-of-the art tracking systems also allow the client to track the progression of the items and deliveries being transported for them.

Whereas road transportation and environmental issues are not usually addressed together, Transport Savikko makes an attempt to pay special attention to environmental issues in a variety of ways. For one thing, the new business premises and facilities have been made of recycled elements. A specialized tracking system is used to register and assess the drivers' driving performance, on which basis the company rewards the best performances. The goals for the drivers are economical driving and environmentally friendly exhaust rates.

The industrial area in Kempele where Savikko has settled down is to be expanded into a larger-scale logistics centre.

The family business will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in three years time. A lot of things have changed during the operation of the company, and the management sees new opportunities arising through the developing tracking technology. Information is transmitted electronically and it is no longer necessary to work ”with your head full of ears and phones” as described vividly by Mr Savikko. The cabins of today's lorries resemble small paperless offices from where information is communicated electronically and quickly to all parties involved. The Savikko lorry fleet is to be equipped with scanners that will transform the freight declaration, the last paper form in use, into an electronic document.

The Savikko terminal and office premises are located in an area that will be experiencing a change into a full-scale logistics centre in near future. The location of this logistics hub in the middle of Finland also make it ideal in view of the resting periods of long-distance lorry drivers.

"The location is ideal for us, it quite simply could not be any better" Mr Savikko concludes.

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Why to settle down in Kempele?

  • Some 30,000 vehicles pass through Kempele via the E8/4 motorway every day.

  • The population in the Oulu city region is the youngest in Finland and the level of education is among the highest in the country.

  • Judging by the number of inhabitants, the Oulu city region is by far the largest in the whole of Northern Scandinavia. What comes to services and economic life, it is also the most versatile.