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Kempele - radiating success

Cajo Technologies Oy received a substantial investment of EUR 1.5 million in early 2015. According to Niko Karsikas, company CEO, Kempele municipality has been providing beneficial support to them on the way to success:

"The municipality has provided solid support for, e.g., marketing, recruiting and entering into international markets."

The products of Cajo Technologies are based on a patented laser marking technology. Mr Karsikas, the company manager, explains how 'Cajo', the company name illustrates the way laser technology works on metal surfaces: Like the first glimmering ray of dawn the laser beam burns a text or image on a surface as if by magic.

Cajo makes an exception to the mainstream of laser marking by offering laser colour marking or colour patterning without colouring additives or pigments. This technique that sounds almost magical can be applied to almost any material.

Branding and gift articles

The end user can easily recognise the benefits of the Cajo laser marking technology over traditional methods, such as stick-on labels or painted markings. Stickers come off very easily, and the very often glue residue leads to stains that are difficult to remove. A painted surface, for its part, is susceptible to wearing off. Laser patterning allows everlasting markings to be made directly onto the product.

In addition to industrial application, the technology developed by Cajo can also be applied in various other fields. Laser patterning can be applied, e.g., personalised business presents and end-user gift products, for which the patterning can be made based on a photo of the client, for example.

From container office to international markets

The enterprise was first established with the name Mobilemarketing Oy in 2010. The business began to soar as soon as Mr Karsikas managed to register a patent for a new technology developed in co-operation with his brother. At present, the company is making great strides moving into the international market. However, the fundamental operations are, and will be, firmly rooted in Kempele.

"The main office is also most likely to stay in Kempele in the future," states Mr Niko Karsikas, CEO at Cajo Technologies.

As the reasons for this, Mr Karsikas brings up low cost premises, excellent location and versatile co-operation opportunities with other businesses in the area.

Plans have already been fixed for the coming years. At present, the main expansion focus is on the Swedish market, to be followed by other European markets. A foothold has also already been gained in the USA.

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Why to settle down in Kempele?

  • Some 30,000 vehicles pass through Kempele via the E8/4 motorway every day.

  • The population in the Oulu city region is the youngest in Finland and the level of education is among the highest in the country.

  • Judging by the number of inhabitants, the Oulu city region is by far the largest in the whole of Northern Scandinavia. What comes to services and economic life, it is also the most versatile.