Entrepreneur stories

Kempele - radiating success

Cajo Technologies Oy, a promising new enterprise in the field of laser marking, is rapidly expanding its operations in international markets. You can read the story of the enterprise here.

Zeppelin brought us to Kempele

Ms Suvi Silvola, an optician, has been running her business in Zeppelin since the opening of the shopping centre. You can read the story of Kello-Optiikka here.

Left side photo: Teija Soini

No shortage of roles in actor's working day

Nuojuan Teatteripaja, founded in Kempele in autumn 2014, is a production house for travelling theatre performances and drama workshops. Read the story of Tuija Nuojua here.


Seamless connections to international markets

Transport Savikko is expecting more businesses to settle down in Kempele, as the industrial area is being expanded into a logistics centre. You can read the story of the Savikko family business run by five cousins here.

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Why to settle down in Kempele?

  • Some 30,000 vehicles pass through Kempele via the E8/4 motorway every day.

  • The population in the Oulu city region is the youngest in Finland and the level of education is among the highest in the country.

  • Judging by the number of inhabitants, the Oulu city region is by far the largest in the whole of Northern Scandinavia. What comes to services and economic life, it is also the most versatile.