The Linnakallio master plan has been completed

The Linnakallio area has been designated by Kempele municipality as an important area of development in view of providing refreshment and leisure activities for the residents of Kempele and visitors alike. The municipality has made plans to develop the Linnakallio area into a tourist attraction and recreation centre by 2025. A clear water lake bordered with rock walls and cliffs forms the heart of the area, offering versatile possibilities for different sports and recreational activities.

A master plan - a comprehensive development plan - was drawn out to fit together the plans for different activities to be realized, as well as the economic and land use plans. This endeavour also serves as a source of basic information and specifications for completing the component master plan of the Linnakangas area located right next to the Linnakallio area.

See the final report here (in Finnish) (40 pages)

Presentation of the final report  (in Finnish) (19 pages)

Additional information: Head of development Eija Puotiniemi, tel. +358 500 663 662, eija.puotiniemi(at)