Recycling centre

The general goals of recycling operations are:

  • to create new jobs and thereby to make a positive difference in peoples' well-being, and to prevent social exclusion
  • through the created jobs to make an impact on the share of Kempele municipality of the labour market support paid to KELA

  • to establish a sustainable development based recycling operations model as a part of the everyday routines of people living in Kempele

Recycling centre operations:

  • repair of received material, redeployment and sales
  • processing of timber cut by the municipality into firewood / sales
  • running the sales point of Zytyke, the rehabilitation work centre

Pricing of recycled products, items and services

Movable items ending up redundant at municipal operational units and other items received for recycling are priced according to the equivalent market price.





We accept home movables as well, as building or renovation material suitable for recycling as long as the items or materials are not damaged.




Open               On weekdays  8.00 am – 4.00 pm
Address          Kirkkopolku 24, FI-90440 Kempele
Tel.                  +358 50 316 3787
E-mail             kierratyskeskus(at)

Opening time and contact information

Open on weekdays 
8.00 am – 4.00 pm

Kirkkopolku 24, FI-90440 Kempele

Tel. +358 50 316 3787

E-mail:  kierratyskeskus(at)